Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Wasn't That A Party?

What a day yesterday was..... I got my laundry done and hung out to dry and Bob says to me, "Want to ride the bikes to Maya Beach, check out some friends' property, visit with C & M, stop in at the gallery, then maybe have a drink before heading home?" Are there bears in the woods? Of course I do, so we hop on the bikes and start the trek to Maya Beach.

The ride to Maya Beach wasn't bad at all, except the dogs that tried to tear me off the bike at our friend's property. We survived that and headed to our next stop, visiting with M & C. It was hot work pedalling yesterday and we were very happy to scoff down a huge glass of ice cold water. We had a nice visit, cooled down and headed to the gallery. Checked in and then headed to Maya Breeze.

We had a great time visiting, drinking, more visiting, more drinking. We actually only had three drinks, but you know Jake, each one is a double (at least). I said something to him once about how strong the drinks were (I wasn't complaining, just talking). His answer to me was "Mum, you asked for rum and coke, not coke and rum." He was right so I shut up and drank my drink.

Then it was time to get back on our bicycles and ride home. Except that Little Bit talked us into stopping at her place (minor detour) and seeing her new little baby ducks. Well heck, if we were going that far, we might as well check out J & B's new place. J, you need to smooth out that road just a little bit or level it or something because the rocks are large and very difficult to ride bikes on and when I went to get off my bike my footing was uneven and yes, that was me you saw go down in a tangle with my bike. Now I have road rash.

So we limped back down the road to Little Bit's place where she insisted we needed another drink to calm me down after my fall, and we insisted that we could ride home. We had a drink, checked out the baby duckies.... they are so cute we took pictures (on Deb's camera).

We learned one thing last night and that was that when you ride your bike in the dark, you can't see the road. I followed Bob's silhouette because I couldn't see the rocks or the tracks in the road. Lucky for us, most of the trip home was on the paved part of CocoPlum.

So we made it home and geeze, my laundry was still out (I had forgotten all about it), took me a bit of time to get it in but I did. I think we ate dinner about 9 o'clock, but it sure tasted good.

This morning we woke up to pouring down rain, no wind so it came pretty much straight down, but did it pour. Then the sun came up and I took the pictures below, before it rained again. The second rain was just a short shower and has stopped now.

By the way Barnacle, that was Bob saying "Good Afternoon" as we rode past your place on our way in to Maya Beach and it was Bob saying "Good Evening" as we rode past on our way to Deb's place. I would never be a smart ass like that. HA HA HA!!!

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  1. HA,, i heard you as you went north,, just didn't know who it was.
    i didn't hear you going south, but i did holler at you to 'keep it down'!