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Our Beachfront Home
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Colds and Raccoons

Yesterday, I was coming down with a cold. Yes, Virginia, you can get a cold in the Tropics. But not to worry, because at last, I think I have come up with the cure for the common cold.

First off, I suffered all day yesterday with a damn head cold. Also, I was still agonizing over cleaning up the mess that the raccoons had made, messy little buggers. Where was I, oh yes..... the cure. Last night while I was cooking dinner, I had a 'one barrel' and coke with a squeeze of lime. It certainly put me in a better mood to cook dinner. Before bed, Bob brought me a brandy snifter of Baileys on ice (to help me sleep).

Sometime, in the middle of the night I heard another noise outside. The power was out but I got dressed, grabbed my broom and a flashlight and headed outside. They weren't going to get me two nights in a row, oh no...... They were out there, the garbage can had been moved from the position I had securely placed it, another couple of inches and they would have been able to open it. I never saw them, but I scared them away (another vision comes of me running around in the middle of the night brandishing a broom in one hand and a flashlight in the other). Back to bed I went.

This morning I woke up to sunshine and skies clearing. I was determined to shake this cold as I was tired of sniffling, sneezing and generally feeling like crap. I made coffee, put on my bathing togs, put on my favourite sun screen (so as not to burn to a crisp), followed by a generous greasing with baby oil (no sand fleas for me) and headed to the chaise lounge on the deck to enhance my tan while baking the damn cold out.

It worked too..... I tanned both sides (front and back), avoided sand fleas, read my book, had smoothie delivered for breakfast and felt so much better. My head cleared and I could breathe again.

I came in to make this post and sneezed. Now my head is all stuffed up and I feel like crap, but I know exactly what to do. I am going to take the bottle of 'one barrel', forget the coke, a bucket of ice for the Baileys, a new book and head back to the lounger. I just didn't cook quite long enough.

That's my cure, and if it doesn't work for you, you will just have to practice until you find your own. In the meantime, let me share my view of the world today.

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