Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don and Gwen's Introduction to Belize

If you have ever been to the far north in Canada in winter time, you understand what cold is. We have some visitors from northern Canada staying with us now.

Our friends Don and Gwen came from this. When they arrived, they had already spent four days in Mexico so the icicles had melted and they were almost dry.

Now it was time to introduce them to the Belize we know and love. We met them in Corozal after they crossed the border at Chetumal and we stayed a night in Corozal at the Mirador Hotel.

Gwen and Don all thawed out.

Walkies along the waterfront before breakfast where we see the pelicans waiting to be fed by the local fishermen.

After a hearty Belizean breakfast of eggs, ham, refried beans and fry jacks at Al's, it was off to the bus depot to start the journey to San Ignacio. It was a good thing we had a big breakfast as it was a long ride to our destination.

We stayed at the Cahal Peche Resort which overlooks the valley.

The view to the valley was only enhanced by this squirrel in the fruit basket set out to attract the birds.

One of the cabanas on the hill.

The view.

Toucan at the fruit basket.

Here we are trying to stay warm while we convince Don and Gwen that it is always warm here.