Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making the Move to Maya Beach September, 2008

September 1st we moved from Caye Caulker to Maya Beach.

Here is a picture of Bob and all our worldly possessions on the dock at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi. The only things missing are our bicycles. They were further up the dock ready for loading.

We took the water taxi to Belize City where we had a friend waiting for us to drive us and our luggage to Maya Beach. This would be the first time that we had gone anywhere out of Belize City and not be on a bus.

The trip along the Hummingbird Highway was even more beautiful than the other times we had done the trip. The trip is never the same twice.

I was finally able to get a couple of pictures of the Kendal Bridge.

This is a picture of the temporary landfill bridge, basically culverts strapped together and covered with gravel and sand. Below is a picture upstream of the temporary bridge, showing some of the debris from when the original bridge collapsed during the flood.

And then we were at our new home.

They say "Home Is Where The Heart Is". Well, our hearts are here in Maya Beach.

So we unpacked our bags and settled in to wait for our first visitor, Tracy.

Life after internet

Well, here we are in Maya Beach and after eight weeks, we have internet again. A special thanks to all our friends and family who have been patiently waiting for updates.

On September 1st, we moved from Caye Caulker to Maya Beach and we are loving it. Where we are is quite remote but the people in the community are awesome. We have met some wonderful people and are very happy to be here.

On September 30th, our dear friend Tracy arrived for two weeks. Never has time passed so quickly. We sure packed a lot of things into that two weeks. Poor Tracy was dragged from Corozal in the north to Punta Gorda in the south and all points in between. We even managed a trip to Caye Caulker and did some snorkelling at the reef. A trip to Lamanai was a must and then we had to send her home again. I will be working on more posts about her trip. Hopefully she will be busy planning her next trip back. She made a lot of friends here and we all miss her very much.

Now that we are back up and running, I hope to get all our information updated and posted here. Stay tuned for more.