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Saturday, March 7, 2009

And The Wheels Go Round?

My brother Ken keeps asking "What kind of vehicles do you have down there?" I tell him just like everywhere else, just a little different. Anyways, Ken as we were walking around Punta Gorda here, I decided to take some pictures of the local modes of transportation and here they are. Some are self explanatory and some aren't.

This is Jems Clothing Store on wheels.

Flat-deck is self explanatory.

Parking lot at local bank.

This delivery truck looks like it has been to Placencia.

Local police truck.

Bicycles for every size.

Parking lot at the Snack Shack.


Needs some work but runs like a hot damn.

This guy's door opened like a turn signal as he went around the corner.



Last but not least, a motocycle.


  1. well it seems they have not a lot..or any older vehicals it is all 90s or newer,except for the working trucks and busses..only 1 motorcycle? but a great choice of bycycles..

  2. I see you are in PG now. I love the shot of the traveling clothing store. So Belize! You're looking great (and thin) Sharyn. I won't forget to compliment Bob also... "looking very relaxed there man," I'm waiting to see the photo with your hair in braids and beads though. Don't disappoint us!
    --Lee on Caye Caulker