Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ladies Night

What can I say, it was another Wednesday night at Little Bit's place. This week was co-hostessed by Georgi, Little Bit's charming and lovely daughter-in-law.

Little Bit was serving Pinot Grigio, mmmmmmm, that was great, have another glass Sharyn. I think I will, thank you, I better take some to Pam, her glass is almost empty. There were all kinds of food, yet again, let's see...... there were carrot sticks and dip, Pam brought a to die for dip which was served with Marie Sharp's Seasoned or Salted Chips and there was birthday cake.

Each time we go, it is different, but the same. Last night there was no rest for Little Bit until she dug out the cd that we wanted to listen to. There weren't a lot of us, but as usual, we all had fun.

I think I have to cut back on the talking and laughing as this morning I have a sore throat and have almost lost my voice. Bob will be wanting more Ladies Nights if that continues.

A friend from Edmonton sent me the 'Quote of the Day' and I thought I would share it. See below. Thanks Azmina.


  1. Sorry I missed ladies night. Hopefully the next one. I loved the quote you have at the end!!

  2. I cannot believe I'm not going to be there tomorrow for ladies night! I miss Belize SO much, and spent the evening reading all about the amazing adventure you and Bob have been on this past year. Scotty and I are SO jealous! All my love to everyone! XOOX! -Georgi