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Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Ship Has Come In?

I don't know if anyone here noticed yesterday, but we were recipients of a 'cruise past'. We were riding in the village (Seine Bight) when we first noticed the Mayan Queen. She (why are all boats "she"?) looked like she was anchored off Placencia Village near the airport. Later we noticed she was heading towards us.

I went for a walk on the beach with the camera and managed to get a few shots as she headed north and skirted around False Caye.

The picture below is a good comparison of her size beside the sailboat she was crossing in front of.

I did some research and found out that this is the 17th largest yacht in the world. The actual name is Mayan Queen IV and is owned by Mexican mining billionaire (and experienced yachtsman) Alberto Baillères. This yacht is 301' 8" or 93m with a gross tonnage of 4200 and was built in 2008. Big enough to live on and out run those hurricanes.

For those interested in ordering one, she was built by Blohm & Voss and the designer is Tim Heywood. I couldn't find the cost, but I am sure it is out of our range. Maybe we could afford the dinghy she pulls behind her.

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