Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yard Work Is Never Done

Well, we are finally pulling it together.  We are planting.

In the first corner, (sounds like fight night doesn't it?) we have a lovely Pencil Cactus.

Sneaking up on the side is a cactus of a different name (to be honest, we have no idea what the name is).  This one was growing under the original cabana and we moved it and managed to save it!

We think this might be a Bougainvillea, we will keep an eye on it to see what it becomes.

We got a number of Hibiscus cuttings from a friend and we just stuck them in the ground with a bit of soil under them.  We watered them each morning and evening and the droopy leaves are starting to get some life back into them and buds have emerged. 

We have been babying this Sour Sop for almost three years now.  It would die down, become a stick, just as we were going to pay our last respects and toss it, it would show some green.  Now it has found it's final home (we hope) and it seems to like it.

There are many more plants that we have planted, and we will do updates as they come into their own.