Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yes, I made a booboo, a mistake, an error. That's life. So before the emails start flowing in, I thought I better correct my error. My last post indicated that the bar beside the old Barefoot was Daisy's. Not true... we saw the sign and assumed we should turn towards the beach.

The sign!!!
If we had of turned away from the beach, we would have seen another Daisy's sign tucked away between the sidewalk and the road. Sorry if anyone got lost looking for it. We will try to find out what is going in beside the Tipsy Tuna.

Miscellaneous Update

Since Barefoot Beach Bar was closed, a lot of people have been wondering where they are going. I came across this ad directing you to go to Facebook.

Ad on the back of the 2010 Placencia Peninsula Business Directory & Visitors Guide.

Here, on the left side of the picture, we have a shot of the old Barefoot site where worker bees are busy changing the site into something new. On the right side, there is also some furious work being done and it looks like it could be a new bar. It is called Daisy's and looks like it will be opening soon.

Closer to home, it was difficult to get this guy out of our sink. We even put a cutting board up the side for him to walk on... nope... he did jump out when I started running the water though.

We headed to the Crow's Nest on Saturday to listen to John and Fred of the Lost Reefers play. It was a good time and we caught up with some friends we hadn't seen for awhile.

John and Fred





Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Here

For all those wondering if we are still here, we are. We were just hibernating, waiting for the warm weather to resurface. Now that it is warming up, along with the good weather have come some visitors.

First a glorious sunrise!

Three parakeets

Oriole (not Baltimore)

Woody Woodpecker




Last but not least, what collection would be complete without a grackle.

Here's to warmer times ahead.