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Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Scheduling Season

Each year in March we block off weeks of time while Bob works on his scheduling. Last year we were busy in February, finishing our respective jobs (actually I finished working in January), packing up, getting our taxes organized, heading to Victoria to say goodbye to friends and family and moving to Belize. This year, he is getting an early jump on it so I am looking for something to fill my time.

This year we are again moving at the end of February, but as it is only a couple of miles down the road and we still only have four large suitcases and four carry ons, it shouldn't take more than..... twenty minutes to pack. We will be going on a short road trip at the beginning of March as our new place won't be ready for us until March 9th. Then the scheduling begins in earnest. That's earnest as opposed to Ernest.

Here is a picture of Bob's scheduling office last year:

Note the open air concept. I wonder how he will top that this year??


  1. I don't know if you look at comments so far back, but I hope you do. I couldn't help noticing that I have been in the "office". When I was there we had at least two dogs curled up under the "desk".

    We had some of the best Lobster Alfredo I have ever had... I will return to the Sports Bar at CC someday and pray that they still have it on the menu!!!

    Enjoying reading through your blog. I envy you a lot. My wife is NOT ready to follow your path but I am... so we're staying here in Upstate SC.

    We've spent a week in SP and a couple of weeks in Corozal and had a great time. Good luck and I'll keep reading!


  2. Julian, thanks for all the kind words and yes, I am notified of comments as they come in. Please continue to enjoy the blog, there will be updates next week.