Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As The Heron Flies

This morning we got up early and headed to Dangriga to get some business done. We headed to Val's for coffee, sat around for a bit, then off to find some storage bins. Nothing in the market so we went to one of the Chinese stores by BTL, they had some, but were a little costly, so we decided to wander around and check out some other places. Uncle Harry's didn't have any, but Habet's did. We got the last one and we were happy to get it. Then to the bank. We got all our business done and managed to make the 11:00 a.m. bus, what a great day!!

I was checking my email when Bob called me and said, "There is a huge heron on the beach." I grabbed the camera and ran. He wasn't kidding, the darn thing is as tall as I am. Now, as my dear friend Leslie said, and I quote: "lol well that isn't really all that tall ...heheheheh".

According to my bird book, this is a Tricolored Heron.

I started out about 30 feet from him and just started slowly walking towards him.

He let me get about 15 feet away and then took a few steps away, then he did this little dance for me.
He stopped and just waited for me to get closer.

He actually took a few steps closer to me and stood up very tall, as though he were telling me that he was the tallest. Just what I need, a smartass bird.

I got to within 9 or 10 feet before he took off and you can see his wingspan is huge, yes bigger than I am tall.
I thought he was pretty majestic myself. The rest of the photos speak for themselves.

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