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Our Beachfront Home
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Days You are the Windshield and Some Days You are the Bug

Today is my Bug Day!!!!

It all started when I woke up at 2:30 this morning to something bothering me. I looked out the window and sure enough, it was raining. I wasn't too worried, half the sky was clouds while the other half was stars. However, that wasn't what was bothering me. I think I awoke from a dream, a dream of bugs crawling all over me. But wait, it wasn't a dream. I got up at 3:30ish (I couldn't go back to sleep) to find that I was covered in doctor fly bites. Either it went for the all you can eat buffet, or invited friends to dinner. At least it wasn't scorpions (sorry Mrs Barn)!

To make matters worse, I dropped the phone and broke it. Yes, I dropped it HARD!! Next time we head to Dangriga, guess who gets a new phone for Valentine's Day?

A ride on the bikes to Seine Bight was good until I remembered that all our phone numbers are saved in the phone memory and not the SimCard memory. What was I thinking?

Then our internet (Not So Smart) went down and they kept telling us we just needed to reboot (yeah right - that always fixes the problems). After rebooting and numerous calls, they finally told us there was a problem and the technician was out working on it.

I went to sit on the beach to tan and get some of those soothing rays, but since they took our rake away from us, it is like sitting in a garbage dump; so tanning didn't last long.

So now we are back up and ready for business, but there is more. When Bob's daughter came to visit, flights were cancelled and rebooked. The refund was finally paid but they put it on the wrong credit card and now when we asked for it to be put into our bank account, we were told "so sorry, no can do". Now, our bank and our credit card are with the same financial institution and you would think they would be able to do a simple thing like electronic transfer. Apparently security doesn't allow that. However, they will cut a cheque and mail it to our Canadian address sometime in the next sixty (60) days. What do you do?

Well this woman is going drinking and I think I will just put it on the credit card.

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