Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

It's just another day in paradise here in Maya Beach. We got a phone call from my brother Ken, this morning, which was a pleasant surprise indeed. It's always good to hear from the family. Ken wants more pictures of people on the blog, so be prepared, I am going to start carrying the camera everywhere.

We heard a rumour that in a week, the winds will die down and it will be hot again. We are getting worried about our tans fading.

Last night was the 'Grand Opening' at Singing Sands. We heard that all those who were invited had a wonderful time. Good show Singing Sands.

We are happy to see that Scurvy survived his run in with the 'other' dogs. He still seems to be hurting a little bit, but I think I saw a smile yesterday as he went by.

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