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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Little Bird Colour

So first of all I took all these pictures and uploaded them, now I have to try and name them. I will do my best, but if I make a mistake, comments are welcome and I can always edit.

This first one could be a Blue-Grey Tanager, but I think he looks just a little bit too blue and not enough grey.

This one I know for a fact is a Blue-Grey Tanager.

This bird could be either a Hepatic Tanager or a Summer Tanager, anyone know?

I think this might be a Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher, but not positive. Anyone out there know for sure?

We know this is a Golden-Fronted Woodpecker.

A Yellow-Winged Tanager

I don't know what this one is, he is cute and yellow, but I can't seem to pin him down in my bird book.

Here we have two Yellow-Winged Tanagers eating while the woodpecker sits on the branch, patiently waiting.

Here we see a Yellow-Winged Tanager and a Black-Cowled Oriole sharing a meal of fresh fruit.

A Yellow-Winged Tanager all by himself.

And of course, the Golden-Fronted Woodpecker.

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