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Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Putting the "Dang" into Dangriga

Pelicans on a wire. Not something you see everyday, unless you are in Dangriga and yesterday we made a run to Dangriga.

For those who don't know us all that well, that means early to bed the night before, up at 5:30 and on the road waiting for the bus by 6:20. It is an hour and a half ride from Maya Beach to Dangriga on the bus. Junior, the Ritchie Bus driver must watch for us because I can see his flashers start as he comes around the final corner before picking us up. As we get on the bus, it is always a "Good Morning" from both Junior and his conductor and people always smile and say hello as we squeeze past the other riders. Yesterday, as I was getting on the bus, a woman insisted that I share her 3/4 seat with her. What a great start to the day!!

Once we get into Dangriga, we immediately head across the street to what is becoming our favourite street vendor. Chicken tacos with hot sauce for breakfast... yum yum!!!! We take our package and head straight to Val's backpackers Hostel, because she makes the best coffee in town. She also has juice, water, ice cream, and internet service. There is a hostel and laundry service as well. We like to sit out on her porch with a very large (only one size here) cup of fresh brewed coffee and eat our breakfast while watching the ocean which is the view from her porch.

For anyone wanting to try her coffee or needing internet service, she is right across the road from the 'old' Post Office and almost across the street from the Bonefish Restaurant and Hotel.

After that it was just a quick walk (two blocks) back to the main street to Immigration to update those passports. We picked up an extra set of papers for applying for residency and got some information from the smiley woman in the office.

Then it was up the road to the bank. The 'bank' was the ScotiaBank where we have found there is less hassel and no extra fees for getting your money from your 'home' country. We found that they actually want our business and made it very easy for us to open an account. There was a woman in the bank, who came in like a freight train, sat down and started a conversation with us. We chatted a bit and found she was born in Dangriga, but at the age of 15, she moved to New York and spent most of her adult life there. Now she is home in Dangriga. She told us she was 50% retired and 50% lazy which equaled 100% tired. We were standing outside the bank deciding our next move when she came out of the bank. She insisted on giving us her name, address and phone number. Our instructions are to phone her the day before we come to Dangriga next and she will make lunch for us. Kindess to complete strangers.

After some shopping for items we needed, we headed up to 'Tangles', my favourite place to have my hair done and a pedicure. Bob went for a walk-about while this 'girl' stuff was happening and was back at 11:30 to pick me up. He almost didn't recognize me. I was a changed woman.

We went for lunch at one of the little places on the main street and then hit the grocery stores. We usually hunt around S.P. Cheng's for unusual flours for cooking and baking. Once we found Chestnut flour which was interesting to say the least. Then on to the Price is Right where we saw John and Cordy, friends from Seine Bight. We bought a few things and went back to Val's to get some ice water and kill some time.

Then we headed to Bibi's bar. It is across the street from the PUP office by the Hope Clinic. If you have a chance to sit and meet the people, you will not be disappointed. There are always all kinds of characters there. One group of men play dominoes, another couple, give impromptu 'punta' lessons. Everyone is always friendly. It's not fancy but you can get good drinks for a good price.

Just after 4:00, it was time to stagger the two blocks to the bus depot where our bus was waiting for us in the usual spot. The bus left exactly at 4:30 and we were home in Maya Beach at 6:00. It really was a good day.

Here I am, not so blonde.


  1. i don't care what anyone sez,, i like dangriga!

    nice report,, and hair.