Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Update On The Beach Bums

Well, what can I say? It is May 15th.... Adriane's Birthday, she never told me about it, I had to find out from Barnacle's Blog.

It is exactly one month today that LOBSTER season re-opens. Man, I bet a lot of people besides us are counting down the days. Once LOBSTER season opens, then we can look forward to LOBSTER FEST!!!!!

This should hold us.

Yesterday I received a parcel in the mail. My brother Ken sent me this way cool web cam and get ready, because now I can do movies, real movies....

Here is Ken!!
(This picture was taken when he came to visit us in Edmonton, hence the winter jacket.)

Here is the web cam. It can either be attached to the centre of my laptop lid or there is also a stand it can sit on. Pretty cool!! Thanks Ken, you are the bestest brother.

The other day, more road equipment came in and it looks like they are getting ready to pave. We now have a grader, a roller and what looks like a tar truck parking across the road at night.

The road looks ready to pave.

Yesterday, we rode our bikes into Seine Bight to check out the road. It is paved up to the ball park on the south end and it looks like the paving of the actual village will begin any day now. I have just sent CB (Canadian Bob) into the village again to check it out. That update will be on tomorrow's posting.

The storms we were having seem to have passed and the sun is back. Time to get back to work on those tans.


  1. Actually, my BD was yesterday, the 14th. I don't usually make a big deal out of my BD. I usually just want to relax and have fun. Although, I did have to work, but I did go out to a very nice dinner at Maya Beach Hotel. Maybe I'll have a big bash for my 50th ... but that is 2 years away!!

  2. 2 years away??? Just a baby.... I have you in the calendar now, so won't miss next years or the big 5-0