Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Road Update

This morning we rode to Seine Bight again, and David and Merna are back. They arrived just behind us with a fresh load of fruit and vegetables. He has no meat or fish that we could see (the big freezer is empty).

The road has been tarred up to the entrance of Nautical Inn and as we rode past they were preparing to continue on, it looks like up to the 'sold lot' just past Bahia Laguna. The 'tar' truck was all fired up and ready to spread that tar. Looks like the push is on to complete the road as far as they can before the rainy season stops it.

We came home to some excitement. Iggy (the iguana that lives in our roof) was visiting his lady friend on the beach and decided to cross the yard. There was a Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher that really didn't want Iggy crossing into his territory. The fight ensued. The Gnatcatcher won as Iggy crossed to the bush and then turned tail and ran. Iggy's lady friend (Iggette?) came sauntering past after all the excitement was over.

Meet the Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher.

Gnatcatcher chasing Iggy.

Coming in for a dive bomb. Look at Iggy run!

Iggy makes the shelter of the bush.

Iggy heads back to the beach with Gnatcatcher in pursuit.

And stay away Iggy!!



  1. great shots!

    i bet the bird has a nest nearby and wishwilly's will eat the eggs!

  2. I don't think I've seen those Gnatcatchers around here. Great shots!

  3. The birds here are way different from MB. Different woodpeckers and lots more green parrots. Interesting the difference a couple of miles makes.