Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Continuing Saga

Well yesterday we sat on the deck and watched two female iguanas play with the gnatcatchers. The gnatcatchers have a nest in one of the trees in the yard and the iguanas just feel they have to keep trying to get to it. The gnatcatcher won another round, but they separated to keep him moving. One went up the front door screen and the other one came up the back steps. When the one got to the top of the steps, the other one came back down and headed back towards the gnatcatcher.

This one came right up the steps while I was standing there and ran past me to run up into the roof.

This one is the lookout over the front door.

After last Sunday's party we decided to go 'on the wagon' for a bit, as we were hurting the next day. Well, yesterday we walked into the village to take some pictures of the new road in Seine Bight. Cree's was open and will be more often now as the 'dust' is gone or so says Franz. So we thought we would have one and see how we felt. One rum and coke,,,, mmmmm good. Two rum and coke, was there coke in that one? Okay, that's enough, let's head home. Just a second, we didn't take any pictures. I know, let's get a picture of this guy screaming down the road making dust.

Sure will be glad when the road is done and we aren't breathing in all this dust crap!!!

The tarring of the road ends at the for sale sign north of Bahia Laguna.


  1. We took time off drinking as well. We made it till Friday without having a drink. Sure feels good taking time off! Did it tonight again as well. Hopefully, we will make a habit of this!