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Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seine Bight Gets A Road

Yesterday afternoon, we rode the bikes into Seine Bight to check out the paving... and they were!! Paving that is. They have now paved the section from the ballpark to Elvis' old store (locals here know it as the 7-11). There was lots of action all around the paving, even some in the paving. The workers were trying to smooth the gravel? over the fresh laid tar and people were walking through it, driving through it and yes, we even rode our bikes through it. The guy said, "Come through."

Looking north from Elvis' new place to his old place across the street. The cone at the far end indicates the end of the paving.

Looking south from Elvis' new place, you can see where the old (last weeks) paving ends and the new begins.

Cool roller they were using.

I think I want one.

This guy was walking around looking for patches of tar, when he found one, he covered it up with a bit a gravel.

Well, all this was thirsty work, so we headed towards Sam's Place, a little bar on the beach. You wouldn't know it was much of anything from the outside, just looks like some blocks of concrete but inside, it is a bar.

Pool table.

With these speakers, you can tell this place must rock at night!

My view out the window.

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