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Our Beachfront Home
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ladies Night At Mary's House

Well, it has been one more week. I know that for a fact because last night was "Ladies Night". The women convened at Mary's house this week. There might be something to changing the venue each week.

Lots of yummy food again, this week Barnacle sent a pizza. Last week Bob sent a mango dip. Seems to me, it isn't just the women getting into it. There were prawns and tuna and salmon. Mary made everyone that wanted one a Pina Colada, they were also very yummy.

Lots of drinks, food, laughter and fun, all very necessary items here in Belize. Next week, it will be at Jenny's place. We will miss Mary as this was her last Ladies Night. Mary, Charles and the girls are heading back to the States.

Went into Placencia this morning, the road is being worked on around the airstrip. It looks like they are filling in the sink holes that could hide a Mac truck. The flagman was a little confused and indicated that we should follow the machinery down a dead end lane. We figured it out just in time. We wouldn't want to be flattened by the roller.

Right by the entrance to the Hokey Pokey there is a little taco stand. There you will find Lacy, cooking her deep fried chicken taquitos. It has become a rule that if I head to the village, I bring home food for lunch from Lacy.

Can you see which way the wind blows?

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