Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Have Road!!!!

Wednesday afternoon, I was told by Raoul that the road would be finished in front of our place on Thursday. Now I kind of thought he would know what he was talking about.


Thursday came and I was all excited thinking, "Today is the day!" NOT!!!!

However, as of Friday June 5th, we have road. And a damn fine road it is too. Below are some time lapsed shots of tarring the road.

Crew setting up machines first thing in the morning, they started about 7 am.

About 7:30, the road crew shows up, sweepers, flag people, cone movers.

Here we have Lewis adding some weight to the big sweeper.

Gravel truck in reverse dropping gravel into the fresh laid tar.

Roller smoothing out the gravel.

The 'Three Amigos' sweeping.

The guy in the top of the truck has a broom to help lift the wires off the top of the truck as they go down the road.

Spreading the tar.

Well at the end of the day, about 4:30, we have road. I will add more pictures of the finished road later.

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