Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday we headed off early to Dangriga to update the passports, do some shopping and banking.

We cover a lot of ground when we hit Dangriga, between Immigration, banking and shopping. Yesterday, we had too much to do to hit the 11:00 am bus, so we spread it out, did the Immigration thing, the bank thing, had lunch at Comedor Edith's (stewed beef with white rice, stewed beans, coleslaw and plantains). Two orders and two drinks came to $20. You really can't beat that, there was so much I couldn't eat it all.

Then working our way back south through town, we hit every single chinese store looking for food containers. Why do they sell sets where the first one (largest) is exactly what you are looking for and the next 6 get progressively smaller until they are useless? We were almost at the mall (market) and gave up. The next stop was the Price Is Right store where we usually run into people we know, and yesterday was no different.

Then it was time to head to Bibi's. Good news for those that frequent Bibi's, yesterday was a flurry of activity. They were building a new room adjoining the bar. It is going to be a kitchen. Now you will be able to eat as well as drink. They were also redoing the washrooms. When we were there, it was set up so that you could go in the men's room door, walk through the wall they had removed and use the ladies' room. They are replacing the toilets, I guess they needed more room to work. I declined although Bibi told me there would be no problem, after all it still had a roof over it.

Anyone going through Kendal and over the bridge will notice that they seem to be doing some clean up of the old bridge. Looked like they were taking away all the old beams. There seems to be a lot of debris building up in the water at that point, let's hope they clear that up as well. We all remember that is how the original bridge was lost.

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