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Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Go Slow

Seeing as the road has moved beyond us, this will be (probably be, might be, may be) my last post regarding the road building. Who are we kidding???

This picture is of the road just after the last strip of tar was laid and covered with rock. I have to give these guys credit, the only time I saw traffic stopped was when the truck with rock got into position. The rest of the time, business as usual.

The problem with the new road (we are never happy are we?) is that everyone now thinks it is the Daytona 500. Slow down guys, the road needs to get settled.

And on that note, meet Richard and MacKenzie, who are posted outside our yard today trying to keep the traffic slower than a speedway.

They thought I could get a job taking pictures of the licence plates of speeders.

I got the scoop from them about the next steps of the road. This next week, they will be finishing the section up to the radio station at CocoPlum. Then the road crews will be heading back to finish the stretch of the road on this (the north) side of the airstrip and meet up with the existing road on the south side of the airstrip. Once that part is finished, then they will be heading back to start on Maya Beach. Because Maya Beach is a swamp (not my words), it will take a lot of fill and that part of the road probably won't get done until August (2009?).

Barnacle, I pass the responsibility of the road updates to you.

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