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Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Let The Dogs Out???

Okay, there have been some rumours going around about me being bit by a mad dog. This is total rumour, the dog that bit me was not mad. He was a little angry maybe, but not mad.

This happened on the road, in North Seine Bight. In the dog's (his name is Ranger) defense, he is one of the many dogs that has been taught to be mean to protect the owner's property. It seems that Ranger took that training to the next level. I was not on the owner's property, I was on the road, so I am assuming (Ranger won't confirm or deny) that it was a pre-emptive strike in case I was thinking about going on the owner's property.

Now Ranger has been taken away and is in the hands of someone who will give him love and affection and try to rehabilitate him. I sure hope this works. I have been assured that I no longer need to have any fears of running into him again.

There are too many dogs like this on the peninsula. If you do get bit or attacked by one of the dogs here, make sure you go to the police and the Humane Society. They can't do anything if no one complains.

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