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Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Placencia Peninsula Economy

Yesterday we decided to head north and go do some visiting in Maya Beach. We know the bus is supposed to leave at 12:45 from the village (Placencia). What can I say? It is a 15 minute run from Placencia to Seine Bight. We stood in the very hot sun (not much shade at mid-day) and melted. It was 1:36 when it finally showed up. We were sure happy to see it coming down the dusty trail.

Where can you go for $1.00 BZ? Well, you can go from Placencia to Seine Bight, or you can go from Seine Bight to Maya Beach, as far as Plantation.

We had not eaten lunch yet, so we got off at our old stomping grounds and went to "The Hungry Gecko" to test the food as we hadn't tried it yet. It is as great as we had heard. We had an order of garnaches and two salbutes with our ice cold cokes. Our total bill was $12.00 BZ, how great is that?

After lunch, we walked the beach down to Mango's Bar, where we sat and had a few drinks with our friends Steve and Annemarie before heading to Maya Breeze bar. The Lost Reefers were 'jammin' so there were lots of people to catch up with. We drink local rum and coke which are almost always doubles (we don't order doubles, they just come that way) and will cost anywhere from $4.00 to $5.00 BZ.

Not all our friends were around so we had a couple of drinks to toast them. Pam and OB, Mary and Charles, here's to friendship!!!!!

We caught the 6:00ish bus back and had a great dinner at home. Of course not everyone lives in a place where the economy is so simple. For instance, don't you think that the cat below is just a little too dramatic?

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