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Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing

We save all the fun stuff for when we have company. Cave tubing.. I love cave tubing... especially at Jaguar Paw. Bob was into it and Don and Gwen were up for it. The decision was made, we were going. We decided to head up to Belmopan and go cave tubing and then hit the Belize Zoo.

We woke up in Belmopan to fog, yes, that is correct, fog!!!!

Our driver Dorian, picked us up in Belmopan and drove us to Jaguar Paw where he changed hats and became our guide. The first part of the trip was a hike along a path to the first cave. On the way we stopped and learned about some of the plants in Belize. The fruit trees were in full bloom and we managed to skirt a swarm of bees by being very very quiet.

The first cave had a stalagmite that looks a little bit like a turtle.

Our dropping off point to the river and the second cave.

Group photo before we all slid into the water.

Bob made it.

Dorian made it.

Inside the second cave looking back towards the way we came in.

Good thing we had lights on. Bob and Don in the distance.

Don relaxing as the river carried us along.

Heading through the rapids into the third cave.

Bob and I as we floated along.

Coming out of the third cave.

Looking back at the cave.

The river rapids were much slower this trip.

Almost to the finish line. After lunch of barbequed chicken, rice and beans and salad with a cold drink, we were off to the zoo. We made arrangements for Dorian to drive us there and we would take the bus back to Belmopan.

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  1. Great pictures of your cave tubing adventures. ;)