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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Gotta Belize It!!!!

Well it finally happened, the day arrived and we were there to meet the ship, so to speak, as it came in. Yesterday was a whirlwind day for sure.

Up at dawn and on the bus to Belmopan as this was the day we were finally getting our residency. We got our residency in record time, only took us 175 days and only a couple of extra trips to Belmopan. I am told that the gestation period for monkeys runs from 160 to 240 days depending on the type of monkey. I wonder what kind we are?

We paid our money, getting the 25% Commonwealth discount (not bad at all eh!!!) and went for brunch at the Caladium while waiting for the final stamps and signatures in our passports. It was an open door policy at Immigration yesterday, the gate was open as were all the doors, even the back one. Someone walked outside the back door and started up a car alarm. Sheryl very calmly got up and used her clicker to turn it off. We got a smile out of that. Those that have dealt with Sheryl will understand.

We ran before the downpour to get to the Social Security office, one of the nicest and most efficient offices we have found anywhere. We were even able to arrange for our cards to be sent to the Placencia office for pick up. They said that they would be ready for pick up on Monday... that is very fast service.

The next stop was Dangriga where we went to register for our Voter ID cards which will be ready in early October. We had time for a quick drink at BiBi's and then it was home on the 4:30 bus... arriving at 6:30. We got a lot done in those 12 hours.

You gotta Belize it!!!!


  1. congratulations on your residency!

  2. Thanks Sandy, maybe now that the pressure is off, we can finally meet you.

    Sharyn and Bob


    I'm so excited and thrilled for you both.

    <3 trace

  4. congrats! faster than monkey birth!

  5. We'll be staying at Bill & Adriane's the 21st-25th. Stop by if you have time!