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Our Beachfront Home
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trip to Victoria, Part 1 (Getting There)

Well, while the reason that we went to Canada was not the best, we did find time to do a few things and take some pictures.

Our trip actually started on July 19th. In the morning we moved into our new digs in Placencia Village.

Here is the view looking south towards the Village.

We were on the one o'clock bus out of the village to Dangriga. Our plan was to go from Dangriga to Belmopan, stay overnight and go into Immigration first thing in the morning before heading to Belize City for the flight to Canada. It all went like clockwork. On Monday morning we dropped off our paper at Immigration and headed to the bus depot. There, we were approached by a taxi driver offering to take us to the airport for $125.00. I thought that was kind of steep so he said for us, a special deal, only $120.00. The bus was in and we decided to take the bus, we had plenty of time before the plane. Well the bus cost us $8.00 from Belmopan to Belize City, $3.00 from Belize City to the airport turnoff, and $5.00 from the turnoff to the airport for a total of $16.00 compared to $120.00. My advice is to take the bus.

Park walkway in Belmopan.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, we checked our bag, went and had lunch and then sat to wait for our 2:55 pm flight. There were storms happening in Miami so the flight was late getting in and of course late leaving. We were a little concerned because our turn around window was fast disappearing. Where it originally was three hours, it had now dwindled to one hour. Not to worry, our flight out of Miami to Los Angeles was delayed more than three hours. It wasn't too bad, it meant that the eight hours spent in LAX would now only be five hours. Five hours of walking the terminals, trying to sleep, and watching other people sleeping. How do they do that, sleeping on benches with armrests under their backs, or curled around them?

Our flight to Vancouver left on time and we were in our rented vehicle and on the 1:00 pm ferry sailing and had a late lunch buffet. Much needed as the last real meal we had was at the airport in Belize City the day before. Once off the ferry, we went straight to see Bob's brother and then my sister, where we planned to stay. After a visit with my sister and niece, we got cleaned up and headed out to dinner. We walked downtown and happened upon a sushi place and went inside to check it out. Imagine our surprise, they had a 'gluten-free' menu!!!!

That was getting to Victoria.

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