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Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Barnacle Day!!!

Just another holiday??? Wrong, this is a very special day.

It's Barnacle's Birthday..... so I did a search on barnacles. After all, Barnacle is an important part of our world here. Personally, my day doesn't start until I check out his blog. If there is one person who can see the funny side of something, it is Barn. And it is his birthday!!!!

So let's have some fun. Here are some things I found out about 'Barnacles'.

We have a Rock barnacle, and we have a Goose barnacle, also known as Crustaceans, hmmm is that an age thing?

Here we have a fine specimen of a Barnacle Goose. You notice they are white and black, but there is a lot of grey in there.

I found a story called "Barnacle Love", written by Antony DeSa. Don't want to go there, that could be painful??

There is a "Barnacle Billy's" in Perkins Cove.... nice sign.

There is a "Barnacle Beach Suites & Antiques located in the Village of Tahsis, British Columbia, Canada. The antiques part was interesting.

There is a "Barnacle Press", which is an archive of classic comics, mostly dating from the turn of the (last) century through the 1930s.

There is a song about Barnacle Bill the Sailor.

There is a musical group called "Barnacle". They are a multi-format group that takes pride in performing traditional Celtic, Irish, Maritime roots music and Celtic Rock as well as contemporary music.

There is even a "Barnacle Buster" Scuba Club.

I even found a YouTube about Barnacle Bill and Betty Boop, (before she was Betty Boop) so that has to be old right?? Click HERE

Yes, we saved the "Best Barnacle" for last. Happy Birthday!!!!


  1. ha ha ha ha ,,,,

    i just saw this! nice of you to do this for me,, thanks!
    i love those old cartoons too.
    betty boop was HOT! for her time.


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  3. Wow, I am impressed! You must have used up a lot of search engine time to find all that cool stuff. Nice tribute to our own Barnacle Bill, Maya Breach just wouldn't be Maya Breach without him.