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Our Beachfront Home
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!

What a week!!!
The Walk for Cancer, Lobsterfest and now Canada Day!!! It just never ends.

Went into Placencia Village yesterday. We spent the whole day there, caught the 7:15 shuttle into the village and 4:30 shuttle back.

We had coffee down by the Shak, can't remember the name of it, but they have great coffee. Then on to breakfast at B.J.'s, well worth the wait and very reasonably priced.

About 11:30 we got to watch the village traffic jam. They brought in a Mennonite house and it was a sharp turn in the centre of the village, just south of the Police Station. Took them just a little while to get that house in place and only blocked traffic for about half an hour. We left when they started pulling on the overhead wires as they were jostling for position. The one day I didn't take the camera in.

Man was it hot!!! A great cure for that is TuttiFrutti's. Lorenzo has made seventeen flavours, one of my new favourites is Rum and Raisin, although I called it One Barrel by mistake and still got Rum and Raisin. Do they know me or what?

We had a very late lunch at the Pickled Parrot and their special was ..... yesssss, lobster and it was so good, I would recommend it to everyone.

We headed down to J-Byrds for happy hour while waiting for the shuttle home. Her rum drinks were $3.50 BZ. Great value for sure.


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  2. It is done. You realize I am not in Canada right?