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Our Beachfront Home
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures in Hopkins, June 2008

They say that Hopkins is the "friendliest village in Belize". Well, that could be true. We certainly met some friendly and kind people there. They took us into their home and made us feel very welcome indeed. So where were we? Oh yes, we had our adventure in Dangriga, and just a note here, although it might read like a disaster in spots, it really was an adventure. After Dangriga, we were driven to the village of Hopkins. You have to drive very slowly as most of the road has been washed out from TS Arthur.

The beach

Kinda reminds me of west coast Canada

We did a lot of walking in Hopkins, along the beach, through the town, and back along the beach. We had some great food, great drinks and made some wonderful friends.

This baby mockingbird didn't want to leave the tree, he was there for three days.

A beautiful blue bird.

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