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Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Lobsterfest

Wasn’t that a Lobsterfest!!!!
We had three days of non-stop lobster, music, parades, marching bands, more lobster, duck races, games of chance, more music, and even more lobster.  Did I say there was lobster?

This past weekend was Placencia’s 15th Annual Lobsterfest, and I think it was the best one yet.  I know for sure that the weather was the best it has been since I started coming to it in 2009.

It all started on Friday morning with a ‘Walk for Cancer’.  I didn’t get up early enough for the start, but I did see the finish.  Three Cheers for the walkers. 

We had a parade with a real marching band.  They came all the way from Corazol just for us.  Then things just got busy.  We had lots of different bands playing constantly, they come from all over the country… as well as some local talent and some jams.
There was a duck race, which was a little different.  I had only seen them put into a river before.  The water was flat calm and it took a while for them to get started.  Once they did, there were five winners.

There was a lobster cook off, now how cool is that?  We had Thai lobster soup for lunch, grilled lobster for dinner Friday night, Saturday we had lobster/snapper/shrimp bouillabaisse for dinner, and on Sunday night we had lobster skewers.  That is probably enough lobster for this week.

There was a Placencia Lobsterfest Trivia Challenge, a steel band, the Seine Bight drummers and dancers, a Lionfish Cookoff, a great fire dancer, the T-shirts were the best yet, and so many other things were happening, it just couldn’t all be taken in.  One would just have to come back another year.

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