Our Beachfront Home

Our Beachfront Home
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Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, we got ourselves a dog, or rather, a dog got us. We were coming home from the village one evening and this really nice looking dog followed us down the sidewalk. When we got home, he continued to follow, up the stairs and onto the deck. He lay down like he belonged. We left the gate open in case he wanted to leave in the night, but the next morning he was still here....

After a couple of days Bob went and bought a collar and leash for Buddy. We were walking him down the beach, off the leash but with the collar on when he took off. He came to Bob when called but as he was putting the leash on, Buddy twisted and was off, sans leash and collar. He didn't come home that night, so we assumed he had decided to go to his real home.

The next morning, Buddy was back, he had obviously been in a fight and he just wanted to come 'home'. He has been with us ever since.

Our builders recognized him as belonging to the welder in Seine Bight, so I tracked down his number and gave him a call. Seems that Buddy (or Chop Chop as known in Seine Bight) just has a thing for Placencia Village. He would scale the fence built to keep him in and they would find him half way to Placencia. Every time they came to the village, the dog would jump out of the vehicle and run away, so we were told that we could keep him. Seems he just wants to live in Placencia.

As you can see, he has made himself at home.

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