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Our Beachfront Home
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Horseshoes at Barefoot

Horseshoes are back at Barefoot. We were out and about and stopped into Barefoot to watch the horseshoes and have some refreshment.

Some Liquid Sunshine before the games begin.
Really, that is the name of the drink!!!
Mayro makes a great Liquid Sunshine.

The pitch.

Either the score is 5 or it looks good from this end.
(The score was 5)


Alvin checking the pin.

Anyone else want to join before this round is done?

Mel setting the pace.

Form is important, along with follow through.

Way to go Mel!!


This guy is a good player.

Another lady joins the tournament.

Lots of fun.

Maddie, the official judge and runner of interference.

Checking the stance.

Looking good.

Maddie, in her capacity of interfering.

More good form.

Everyone had a great time.

Did I really get it that far?


Alvin concentrating.

Mayro contemplating.

Follow through.

Round two.

Mel digging for shoes.

Great form.

And follow through.


Another ringer.


End of round two.

We had to go after round two, but while we were there, everyone had a great time.

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