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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Riding the Bus

On Monday we took a little trip to Dangriga and I decided it would be good to check out the road along with the scenery. The following are some pictures taken along the route between Placencia Village and Dangriga.

The Community Centre in Seine Bight is coming along, slowly but surely.

Elvis's old store, I was on the wrong side of the bus for the new store. Perhaps next time.

Our favourite bar in Seine Bight. The name is Wamasa, but everyone calls it Cree's.

This is an area called Placencia Estates. It has been dredged from the lagoon and huge houses built. Most of them sit empty. Bob says it is probably because they are waiting for the land to settle.

Between the north end of the peninsula and the Southern Highway, you have about a 45 minute drive along with a slight detour.

The detour road is actually worse than the road they are building and it is very narrow, with only a few real places to pass.

As you can see, the original bridge at Kendall has not changed in the 15 months since the flood waters rose 3o feet and wiped it out.

Now the 'temporary' bridge is at the normal water level of the river. Rumour has it that they will allow to you drive over the bridge until it is two feet underwater.

On the way back we waited while two 'cat's' were dredging. This one was actually in the river.

The other one was on the bridge. As we watched, they cleared out a huge amount of branches and junk that had been caught up against the bridge. We were able to wave good bye to the debris as it floated downstream. Preventative medicine is always good.

The road home, still wet, muddy and difficult to drive. It gives one a whole new respect for the bus drivers on the peninsula.

The road conditions on a nice sunny day, imagine a rainy, stormy day.

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