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Our Beachfront Home
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Independence Day In Placencia

September 21st is Independence Day in Belize. During a break in the rain, the parade happened.

The official parade pace car/truck?

The start of the parade, we are outside Tutti Fruitti. Yes it is still closed... sigh...

The good doctor Alexis, we think.

The music vehicle of the parade. This is where the little kids rode when they got tired, the official photographer rode (no, not me) and the music, music, music.

The parade got bigger as it went along. People joined in as it went past them.
Pretty as a princess, don't you think?

We also joined in once the parade went by us.

These ladies were doing the 'punta'. I don't think they really ever stopped once.

We continued on with the parade until we reached the road to come home before it started raining again.


  1. We could hear the "music, music, music" all the way down in Englishtown (just north of Monkey River Village)on the Eve of Independence Day. It lasted way into the wee hours of the Day itself! Placencia was rockin' in spite of the rain.

  2. Wilma

    I think they went to the beach for the party somewhere about Casa Del Sol. It was very loud here. I think it was the first time we fell asleep to 'punta'.