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Our Beachfront Home
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pirates in Maya Beach

There were pirates in Maya Beach today.

According to Rhumrunner, one of the local pirates here, there will be more.... many, many more. These pirates roam the pristine waters of the Caribbean and attack unsuspecting colonies. Maya Beach is only the latest to be hit in a long line of victims.

Maya Beach will not take this lying down as we prefer to sit up when we drink, or fight off attacking brigands. We will form our own league of pirates and do our own attacking and pillaging and stealing of pirate flags.

First, we will get our own flag and fly it proudly above the bar at Dax's. Then we will formulate a plan to take flags from the other pirates. We will be a force to be reckoned with. So, if anyone has ideas for a flag, let's get on with it. We also need someone to organize and keep track of the pirates and any landlubbers who want to help the Maya Beach Pirates.

Here is a link for some photos of the pirates and landlubbers who attended the attack. If you look closely, you will find some pictures of the Belizean Beach Bums. Thank you to Bob for sharing your photos.

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