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Our Beachfront Home
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend on Caye Caulker

You could feel the excitement in the air on Thursday, it was everywhere. The first day of Spring is celebrated somewhat in Belize and that only added to the atmosphere. People were making preparations for what is one of the biggest holidays of the year.

Normally there are approximately 1800 people on the island, this includes the tourists, but this weekend it may have doubled at one point. Being the biggest holiday of the year, all the locals had friends and family visit. As well, there were more than usual the number of tourists. We sat on the beach and watched the people arriving by the boatload.

People set up food stalls all along Front Street, and vendors were in abundance everywhere you looked. The smells alone were intoxicating. Grilled shrimp, chicken, barracuda, just to name a few.

Saturday there was an all night Rave and on Sunday there was a beach volleyball tournament. The beaches were packed with swimmers and suntanners alike, it was a tough walk through the bodies.

In the pictures there are some of the children playing, the little guy with the yellow goggles was having a tough time seeing as he insisted that the straps go under his ears. He was having fun so it didn't really matter. The little girls with braids and beads were having fun splashing and swimming.

On Sunday we sat on the beach and watched the beginning of the exodus. At one point, it looked like there were five water taxis at the dock. Even the little ones hold about 45 people. It was still a festive atmosphere, even on Monday, when the last of family and friends departed to go home.

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